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Master Key

A variation of our patented technologies, the Master Key is specifically designed to overcome the shortcomings associated with other 12 gauge breaching rounds. The 310 grain projectile has a rated muzzle velocity of about 1,600 fps and less recoil than a standard 1 ounce slug moving at 1,400 fps. A TOUGH polymer jacket protects your barrel from the payload. Round will shatter if it strikes a sufficiently hard surface. Partially suspended in a polymer matrix, the .007” steel shot (as a frame of reference, a human hair is .003”) QUICKLY dumps its energy into the target, be it a door frame or a suspect. Make no mistake about it, this munition is not a, ‘less lethal,’ munition. Should you shoot any living creature with this munition you will likely kill it. This round is highly destructive on living tissue. Price assumes original FET Exemption form on file with us. Sorry, this munition is only available to law enforcement personnel and agencies. VOLUME DISCOUNTS START AT ONLY 25 ROUNDS!!! CALL FOR DETAILS.

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Price: $34.75

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