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12 Gauge Kurtz Magnum Slug Discounts Apply !
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12 Gauge Kurtz Magnum Slug

So you want the power that a full sized, 1,400 fps one ounce slug offers but don’t like the way they take up all the room in your tubular magazine??? Paraklese Technologies, LLC is pleased to offer our short magnum slug. Pure lead slug insures good expansion over a range of velocities. At a muzzle velocity of over +1,300 fps our +1 1/8 ounce (500 grain projectile being pushed at over 1,300 fps is similar to the .45-70 Government round issued to infantrymen during the 1800’s) delivers the same energy that the full sized rounds do BUT the Short Magnums give you up to 50% more ammunition capacity. !!! For instance, a stock Remington 870*** will now hold six (6) rounds in the magazine instead of the normal four. When using in a pump action shotgun you must cycle the weapon briskly, almost like you are angry with it. For details on specific weapons and the proper procedure for using these shells, please see the end of this section. --- Box of 7=$8.50*

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Price: $11.55

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