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Subsonic Slug Discounts Apply !
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Subsonic Slug

Our low or reduced recoil slug is specifically engineered to improve a shooter’s capabilities with a shotgun. Loaded to produce a 40% reduction in recoil but still be a ballistic equivalent to the U.S. Army Cavalry carbine loads made for the venerable .45-70 Government, our slug has plenty of power to get the job done but not torture your shoulder. The +1 1/8 ounce (500 grain) slug has a muzzle velocity of 1,000 fps which delivers 1,116 foot/pounds energy. The reduced muzzle blast is important in an enclosed area, inside of a building, for instance. The reduced recoil aids in controllability and provides for a quicker follow-up shot. Best of all the patented length of the round allows you to put more rounds down range without having to reload. When using in a pump action shotgun, you must cycle the weapon briskly, almost like you are angry with it or the round WILL fail to eject or feed. For details on specific weapons and the proper procedure for using these shells, please see the Appendix.

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Price: $11.55

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