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Reduced Recoil Super 27 Kurtz Number 4 Buckshot Discounts Apply !
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Reduced Recoil Super 27 Kurtz Number 4 Buckshot

Our low or reduced recoil 12 gauge shells provide you with the firepower you want, the controllability you need and the expanded magazine capacity* you have dreamed of with NO MODIFICATION TO YOUR WEAPON. Our shotshell provides 27 number 4 buckshot at 1,080 fps which means reduced muzzle blast or noise, important when firing in a confined location like in an urban area or inside a building AND reduced muzzle flash, important when firing at night. The low or reduced recoil of our shotshell means faster follow up shots for you and less punishment for your shoulder. The patented 1.76” finished length means up to HALF AGAIN MORE MAGAZINE CAPACITY FOR YOUR WEAPON!!! For details on specific weapons and the proper procedure for using these shells, please see the Appendix.

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Price: $11.55

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