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Drag/Fin Stabilized Trainer Discounts Apply !
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Drag/Fin Stabilized Trainer

Save those expensive bean bag/sock/fin stabilized rounds for qualification and duty!!! Our Drag/Fin Training Rounds for SOCKS/FIN STABILIZED rounds have the same flight characteristics, recoil and report that their duty counterparts have but cost a tiny fraction of the bean bag/sock/fin stabilized munitions. This round is featured on our video, Drag/fin Stabilized Trainer. It printed a 9 inch group at 75 feet. The projectile’s white tail plug acts as a, ’tracer,’ so that you can easily track its path to the target. The nontoxic payload, biodegradable tail plug and environmentally friendly primer makes this round usable at the ‘green’ ranges. The orange marker on the shell crimp further identifies the round and does not hinder the weapon or the round’s performance in any way. The clear hull allows the, ‘training blue,’ projectile to be plainly visible. You have too many other things to expend your budget on than to use duty bean bags/superior socks/rubber rockets to train with. WARNING: DO NOT USE ON PEOPLE OR LIVESTOCK. The outer projectile casing is very hard and the projectile will lodge in a person or livestock if you shoot them with it, CAUSING SERIOUS INJURY, DEATH AND A POTENTIAL WRONGFUL DEATH SUIT. DO NOT USE ON PEOPLE!!! Sorry, this is available to law enforcement agencies only. Price assumes original FET Exemption form on file with us. VOLUME DISCOUNTS START AT JUST 100 ROUNDS!!! CALL FOR DETAILS.

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Price: $64.50

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