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Breaching Training Round Discounts Apply !
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Breaching Training Round

Cost effective practice munition mimics the properties of the standard, full power breaching rounds but at a fraction (USUALLY LESS THAN HALF)of the cost. Metal free projectile disintegrates upon impact with a sufficiently hard surface. Environmentally friendly primer makes this round ideal to use at the, ‘green,’ ranges. Internationally recognized blue core identifies this round as a training. round. Reduced recoil lets the user concentrate more on proper placement of the weapon so that he/she does not flinch (and subsequently miss) when the duty calls. Make no mistake about it, this munition is not a, ‘less lethal,’ munition. Should you shoot any living creature with this munition you will likely kill it. This round is highly destructive on living tissue as it generates nearly 650 foot pounds energy (one and half times the power of a .40 caliber pistol round) at the muzzle. Note: When using on a door or hinge, a small piece of the core will almost always survive the impact so always use a backstop AND PROPER EYE PROTECTION. For this reason we do not recommend using this round for duty purposes. Sorry, this round is available to law enforcement agencies and personnel only. Price assumes original FET Exemption form on file with us. VOLUME DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE FOR ORDERS STARTING AT JUST 25 ROUNDS!!!

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Price: $12.90

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