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16 gauge 1 3/8oz Magnum Nickel plated lead BB shot box of 25 Discounts Apply !
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16 gauge 1 3/8oz Magnum Nickel plated lead BB shot box of 25

Have you ever had a varmint problem that was too big for #4 shot but too small to waste a buckshot round on??? Introducing Paraklese Technologies BB load for 16 gauge." Each round contains about 70 real hard lead BB's. 1,100 FPS muzzle velocity and magnum shot hardness gives good penetration. the entire payload weighs about 1.375 ounces and delivers energy vastly superior to that of a .44 magnum. Each BB weighs about 8.5 grains and generates 27 foot/pounds energy. to put it another way this payload delivers the same horsepower as 13 standard velocity .22 long rifle bullets BUT provides 70 wound channels. On a serious note PLEASE DO NOT use this product on migratory waterfowl in lead free designated areas. Using this product on anything other than vermin will likely land you in jail. What you are bidding on is 1 box of 25 rounds. Upon purchase you will need to provide a few scraps of paper like copy of photo ID, etc.

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