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16 Gauge 00 SuperBuck Discounts Apply !
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16 Gauge 00 SuperBuck

Finally, a viable ammunition for the venerable 16 gauge shotgun for personal protection applications. This loading has 10 '00' buck in it which makes it directly comparable to most 12 gauge 00 buck loadings. This ammo has a velocity of 1,200 feet per second and yields over 1,700 foot pounds energy. What you are buying is a total of 25 rounds. On the image above Dave used his grandpa's ancient, immortal 1897 Winchester 16 gauge with a modified choke to fire two rounds. Obviously the old gun shoots to the right, BUT the pattern is 16 inches across. Also, since this is not a face to face transaction, AND since the ATF considers some shotgun ammo to be pistol ammo we will need a few scraps of paper, like copy of a photo ID, etc. *Important note: Please allow 4 weeks for delivery. We are a small but growing company that has been caught off guard by the demand for our products. We WILL NOT ship junk and as a result it may take us a few weeks to get your order out. Please make sure you give us a valid e-mail address so we can e-mail you a tracking number. ** Nice to know: Shipping on the first item is going to be about $9.00, about $10.00 on two, etc. Our cost UPS ground to a residence is usually about $9.00 on one item, $10.00 on two, etc.

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Price: $44.95

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