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12 Gauge UltraBuck Pellet 0000 Buck, 2 3/4" 100 rounds in 5 round cans Discounts Apply !
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12 Gauge UltraBuck Pellet 0000 Buck, 2 3/4" 100 rounds in 5 round cans

This ammunition is PERFECT for life’s little unforeseen circumstances. This ammo is our tried and true UltraBuck 0000 12 gauge buckshot in five round cans. The can resembles a Vienna sausage can but the contents have been subjected to a vacuum that removes any moisture or oils, the primary criminals of corrosion. Then, the contents are flooded with nitrogen then canned. This ammo has a guaranteed shelf life of 25 years. The can is enamel coated on the inside to prevent a chemical reaction from two dissimilar metals. The cans feature a pull top like you’d find on a Pringles can but our cans are made of steel and are suitable for a proper burial. While the cans are re-useable, you would need to get your own plastic lids for them. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery as we need to make the ammo fresh for you, then have the patent holder can it for us then get it back to us THEN we can ship it to you. Also, if you request it, we can leave the cans unlabeled and unpainted for you which means you could put this ammo in your pantry and the common criminal would simply think it was a can of dog food with no label on it. What you are buying is 100 rounds, 20 cans of our UltraBuck 0000 magnum buckshot 12 gauge ammo. We will send you 21 cans though so you can open one can at random to see the contents. As always we offer free shipping to the lower 48 when you buy more than $200.00 off of us in any 24-hour period. Also, be on the lookout for our canned .22LR, .223 and 9MM canned ammo.

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