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.410 168 grain HOLLOWPOINT 2 1/2" slug, box of 15 Discounts Apply !
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.410 168 grain HOLLOWPOINT 2 1/2" slug, box of 15

Turn your beloved .410 or Taurus Judge into a bona fide medium sized game getter with Paraklese Technologies’ Thunderhead .410 2 1/2” 168 grain HOLLOWPOINT slug. We roll crimp ALL our .410 rounds toinsure smooth feeding and easy ejection. This slug is a variation of our patented Mass Forward design. This slug has fins running down its length to limit bore contact, thereby limiting fouling. This slug has a velocity of 1,300 feet per second which yields over 700 foot/pounds energy which compares directly to a .44 Remington Magnum. Compare our slug to the tiny slugs that others make, as light as 1/5 ounce which may not have the ability to penetrate to the vital organs. Our slug has plenty of meat on its bones to get the job done. In our first test firing, the a non hollowpointed slug went through a 4X4. Ask Dave to e-mail you the pics of the first and second groups ever fired with this round. The first group meausres a scant .440" center to center. the second one is 1.125" with iron sights and Dave's ever so slightly far-sighted eyes at 25 yards. *Important note: Please allow 4 weeks for delivery. We are a small but growing company that has been caught off guard by the demand for our products. We WILL NOT ship junk and as a result it may take us a few weeks to get your order out. Please make sure you give us a valid e-mail address so we can e-mail you a tracking number. ** Nice to know: Shipping on the first item is going to be about $9.00, about $10.00 on two, etc. Our cost UPS ground to a residence is usually about $9.00 on one item, $10.00 on two, etc.

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