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12 Gauge Armor Piercing Discarding Sabot, 25 rounds Discounts Apply !
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12 Gauge Armor Piercing Discarding Sabot, 25 rounds

With suprisingly light recoil this armor piercing slug has its way with TWO car doors and still has plenty of horse power to take care of business on the other side. Body armor won't help a suspect with this round, either. We use a propriatary heat treated alloy and a magnum powder charge to make this 2 3/4" shell perform like a 3 1/2" round. You have to see this round in action to appreciate it. You can see this round perform on Youtube at: We use a 385 grain, heat treated, alloy slug and shove it at about 1,700 fps out of a 19" barrel. The rounds not only penetrated completely through two car doors but also passed through the milk jugs and then one went through 2 2x4's. If a shotgun slug passes through a door, and some of the pure lead 3" magnums can go through a door, they usually fragment and if they pierce the far side door, it is in little pieces. 4 of five rounds fired into the doors had perfectly round exit wounds on the back door. the center one struck what appears to be the power window motor, made mostly of steel, on the back door and it deflected in two pieces, exiting the door.

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