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12 Gauge Pre-Fragmented slug, 10 rounds Discounts Apply !
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12 Gauge Pre-Fragmented slug, 10 rounds

Ever wanted to use a deer slug but don't like the potential over penetration??? We are pleased to offer our pre-fragmented 12 gauge slug. This slug weighs barely a half ounce and has the recoil similar to that of a standard deer slug, but SCREAMS out the barrel at 2,000 fps. Upon impact the polymer carrier shatters to pieces, hurling hundreds of hard, tiny bits into the target. think of it as a 1,500 MPH sandblasting. The polymer would do the job in most cases BUT we include 185 grains of #4 buck shot (very similar to a MafSafe* round) which means about 15 wound channels dumping 2,000 pounds of energy into its target. Even if some pellets do exit the target, they won't over penetrate interior walls. *Mafsafe is a registered trademark of MafSafe Corporation and we make NO claim of ownership to anything that is theirs. In fact, we love their pistol ammo. INasmuch as we are the only folks inthe world that make this product, please allow 4-5 weeks for delivery.

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Price: $28.60

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